These tasty vegan chicken nuggets (baked chickpea nuggets) are super easy to make with just 6 ingredients in 30 minutes. The whole family will love this recipe! Soy free, oil free, dairy free, nut free and easily gluten free.

Baked vegan chicken nuggets (an easy 6 ingredient, 30 minute, soy free recipe). A plate of chickpea nuggets with a bowl of ketchup.


These vegan chicken nuggets are surprisingly easy to make and taste delicious.

They’re baked to make them healthier and they’re full of protein. Similar recipes are all over the internet, but this is my family’s tried, tested and loved version.

I like to keep the chickpea mixture a chunky, rather than smooth paste, so there’s texture in the nuggets – perfectly contrasted with the crispy coating.

The meatless chicken nuggets are perfect for the whole family, and kids will love helping to create the nugget shapes. These are perfect healthy vegan kids food. Just add some spiralised sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli. Maybe even start with some tomato soup.

Vegan chicken nuggets recipe. Close up of chickpea nuggets with ketchup and other vegetarian chicken nuggets in the background.


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